New Arrivals Monster High Wave 4

I finally found the new ghouls (Wave 4) from Monster High at the local Wal-Mart! Was I excited? Yes. Was I delighted? Yes. Here’s what I think about them starting with:


I fully expected that Rochelle would be my favorite. I like her ALOT, but Robecca is my favorite of the 3. She is BEAUTIFULLY done. She is incredibly detailed, her face paint (her eyes are large and like the cartoon! Good!) and mold is gorgeous, and her wavy hair is lovely and luxurious. Her penguin is also very cute and detailed. One thing I really love is that she looks so tribal. I can’t tell if she is from Spain or Africa or from a tribe in Sri Lanka, but she has a very ethnic flair. I know that Monster dolls are not supposed to have a racial base, and I am not one of those people that thinks that a group of white people is somehow inferior or illegitimate if there is not a “person of color” or 2 with them, because they are not. But variety is the spice of life, and I appreciate the looks of this doll.

The details are awesome! Her entire skin looks like plates of metal secured with rivets. The pets are improving in detail and cuteness. And her clock-purse has a articulated pendulum that dangles side to side and actually opens! It has a oilcan nozzle coming out of it, ha ha!

Her eyes are even painted to look like sprockets! In my Monster High “universe,” she is best friends with Graphite Metallica, the daughter of the Alchemist and the feisty Clawdeen Wolf.

What I really did not like about Robecca:

Her shoes and goggles (with antenna!) are awesome and the best parts of the outfit. The “metal cage” skirt would be cool too, but that bright blue color just spoils the look. The same for the purse and the arm cuff. I guess they were trying to balance the copper with the blue in her hair or something, but it looks cheesy, unrealistic, and cheap to me. I really don’t like the earrings either, I think that they should have looked cooler than flat clocks on “chain”. The same for her shirt and jacket. Sort of dull really. I really wish she would have come with a ring like Operetta and Nefera did.
Would I recommend this doll though? YES. She is one of the prettiest and coolest Monster High dolls they have released so far.


She is soooo pretty. There is not one thing about this doll that was not done impeccably. Her face mold and paint is so delicate and lovely (her eyes are large and look like the cartoon! Win!), the details are wonderful, well-thought and executed (the upward tilting eyebrows, the cool ears, the claw nails, the cracks running throught the wings.) The best detail is the flecked “granite” skin. The flecked rock skin really wowed me. Again, the pets seem to be getting better and better. Her pet griffin Roux is so tiny but highly detailed and very cool looking.

Her outfit is worthy of the doll. Her headband, chandelier earrings, necklace, bracelet cuff, and shoes are very nice. The iridescent flock skirt is gothic chic, and the Breton stripes of her shirt made me laugh. Stereotypical French wear. My favorite part of the outfit? Those dainty pink stockings. Perfection. I would have liked her to come with a ring like Operetta and Nefera, but no complaints.

In my Monster High “universe”, Rochelle would be best friends with Draculaura, Chariclo, and Operetta.


Venus was a cool concept, and the doll is cool too I guess, but to me she was disappointing. So I’ll start with what I liked, and then move on to the long list of what I wish had been different.

What I liked:

The concept of a plant monster doll

She is environmentally conscious and she has a realistic reusable shopping bag as a purse. Ha ha! Cool!

He ear has 4 rings in it.

Her pet plant Chewlian is probably my favorite of all the pets. He really is creepy cool, and well done and detailed.

Her leafy textured, long fingered hands.

What I didn’t like:

Everything else. For example…

The fact that they already had a awesome background character plant monster who looks just like the daughter of the plant monster (picture from the Monster High Wiki). She would have been a awesome cool doll, unusual and not like the others. Venus looks too humanoid, like this guy:

The Green Man! Picture from Antares Design. So it would have been cool if she was the daughter of the Green Man. Or a dryad. Or a Ent. But they could have done that better, by making her face and body and limbs textured (they did with the Dragon Girl Create-A-Monster, remember?) with leaves, just like they did with her hands and ears. Her eyes are way thin and don’t look like the cartoon, which is a major annoyance to me. Her clothes are ugly and unoriginal and garish, the shoes are clunky and unattractive and garish, albeit detailed. I mean, I get it that she’s all about reducing, reusing, and recycling, but did she have to pick the ugliest rags from the garbage to wear? The 4 rings in one ear is soooo cool, but is ruined by the other ear not matching, instead having a single dangly earring. The mismatched earrings deal was cool once or twice, but now that every single new doll has earrings that don’t match, it just is gimmicky and irritating to me. I feel likewise unimpressed (read “hate”) about the half-shaved head. So should you buy Venus McFlytrap? Well, that is up to you. She’s okay, but she had so much more potential, that she is just disappointing and schlocky to me.

Venus and Oleandra, the 2 plant monster dolls.They aren’t friends, I just wanted to picture them together.

Even though her story says she feeds on Sunlight and water, Venus has 6 (yes, 6!) white fangs. That would be really cool on some other doll, but is out of place on her.

We’re HUNGRY!!!!!

We want Bone Meal!!

(Run Bonita! Run!)


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