My Version Of Selma Slime of Monster High

So there are a ton of awesome custom and original characters for and from Monster High, but one of my favorites is Selma Slime by Dr. FrankenDesign. She epitomizes creepy cool.

I wanted to make my own version, so when I saw the bright green lipstick and hair highlights on Roller Maze Frankie, I decided I would make my own Selma Slime.


Now please bear with me as I explain: I didn’t repaint her and this is why:

I think her facepaint is pretty wonderful as it is. I really like it. But the Frankie dolls never looked like Frankie does from the cartoon, which bothers me. So I intend to repaint Wave 1 Basic Frankie to look like Frankie from the cartoon instead, so they won’t look like twins, they will look like 2 totally different characters.

I put green teardrop beads in her hair to look like slime is dripping from her scalp. I put drips of hotglue on her legs, arms, back, stomach, neck, and forehead. I also painted her fingernails and toenails lime green to match her hair and lips. I thought the dress she came with was also pretty perfect for the character, so I am leaving it on. I hope to buy the shoes from Draculaura as Snow Bite from the Scarily Ever After editions so she will have shoes to wear.

If you want to know how to bead your doll’s hair too, here is how:

You know how doll hair is a bunch of tiny plugs coming through tiny holes? Take one small hank of hair (one hole’s-worth), wet the end with water (just like you would wet thread before putting it through the eye of a needle so that the fibers all stick together) and thread it through a crimp bead.

I hope you can see here that the lock of hair was threaded through a crimp bead and then the crimp bead was pushed to the scalp. I’m a designer Jim, not a photographer! *

Take a bead and string it on a length of fishing line. Decide how long you want the bead to hang. Then put the 2 ends of the fishing line also through the crimp bead. Crush the crimp bead closed with flat pliers.

Tell me what you think! Leave me a comment!

* That was a  Original Series Star Trek reference.


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