More Monster High/Adventure Time Love (Featuring The Mystical Design Lab Add-On Pack) Lady Rainicorn!

So it started with this picture from Tumblr:

And when the Monster High Mythical Design Lab Add-On pack was released, I knew instantly what I wanted to do with it.

Introducing the newest student at Monster High, Lady Rainicorn!

You may be asking, “Why is her dress so obviously clear vinyl covered in hot glue and table-scatter diamonds?”

Here’s the long answer:

Originally I wanted to make her just like the drawing, and I thought I would be able to because in the Design Lab Add-On pack there was a prominently placed torso, and on the back there was a picture of a pearl pink thigh that clearly matched the pearl pink leg. “Wonderful!” I thought, “Mattel has finally heard us and put all the pieces to make whole, matching dolls in these Create-A-Monster packs!” Although I didn’t actually see the thighs or upper arms in the package window, I thought it was pretty obvious that they were behind the label.

You know what’s coming next.

Th torsos are now in there, just like we pleaded for, but in a big fat stingy move of ill-will (or control, not sure which), they still don’t include the crucial upper arms and thighs (although, they do put a conveniently misleading picture of the matching thigh and leg on the back). I was absolutely furious. Felt very cheated too. No clothes, no wig, no make-up, but same price as the regular CAM Add-Ons and more expensive than the CAM 2 packs, if you divide the $20 cost by 2 because now you get 2 full dolls in them as well as a comb and stand.

I wish Monster High would ditch the “Add-Ons” concept and just release the dolls in the Create-A-Monster 2 packs that they would have released as add-ons. The way it is now, it’s frustrating and poor value.

Anyways, so having no matching upper arms or thighs (the pink limbs of the unicorn most closely match Operetta’s skin tone, but they are pearly), I had to improvise. I used the upper arms and thighs from a extra set of torsos and sacrificed a witch CAM for the lower arms and legs. 😦

So instead of the first idea, to do a solid pink doll and outfit her in a rainbow dress, I did a rainbow-limbed doll and put her in a diamond crystal dress.

But why a acrylic diamond dress?

Because I couldn’t afford real diamonds (ha ha). Actually, I couldn’t think of what to do, but you know how Rainicorns live in the Crystal Dimension? Well, that’s what it is: a Crystal Dimension dress.

More pic spam (I’m way more proud of her than I should be, but darn it I think she’s pretty. Also, I love Adventure Time). The face was painted with acrylics. The wig is a Moxie Teenz wig (it is very good quality, only cost $5 at Toys R Us). Jake came from a action figure 2 pack with BMO I got on sale at Wal-Mart for $7.

“Remember that time we ran naked through that farmer’s cabbage patch?” (Lady allegedly says this in Korean in “My Two Favorite People”.

Bye! Comment anytime!


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