Skelita Calaveras of Monster High Scaris Review

So of course there was no Jinafire on account of the fact that Monster High is plagued with the most incompetent dum-dums possible in their logistics department who, for some inscrutable reason, think we want another stupid version of Frankie and/or Clawdeen but have no interest in new character dolls.

BUT, they did have Skelita, which was pretty exciting.

doyoulikethistoo wordpress com Skelita Calaveras review

Skelita has a gorgeous hairdo, I really love it. The orange hi-lights add some spiciness, and her “sugar skull” make-up gives her a very kind looking face. She looks so sweet! And maybe it is just the power of suggestion, but to me, she really looks Mexican (like her, not just the clothes). I know that sounds weird, because she is a skeleton doll, but she (to my mind) is so well done, she really captures the Hispanic spirit and just seems genuinely to be what the designers set out to make her. So the concept was incredibly well executed.

doyoulikethistoo wordpress com Skelita Calaveras Monster High review outfit pieces

As for the outfit, it is pretty awesome. I’m not sure they can outdo the coolness factor of the colorful “paper flags” skirt (which is removable, her blouse is actually a sheath dress), and her orange necklace is intricate and pretty too. I don’t particularly care for her belt, which is fairly plain brown plastic. Maybe it is supposed to replicate tooled leather handicrafts? But it just isn’t very special.Β Her green espadrille shoes are very cool though. The lime green plastic is almost transluscent, and the wedge heels have subtle designs on them.


1. NO PET. She comes with a suitcase. And while the suitcase does not entirely get my disdain because it does open up, the handle slides up and down like on the real thing, and the wheels on the bottom really turn, the suitcase should be either: 1.) like the purse, in addition to the pet, or 2.) a accessory that can be purchased in a fashion pack. Skelita (ESPECIALLY if this is her basic doll) should have come with a pet. It is disappointing that she doesn’t come with the skeleton dog on the cover of her sketchbook or the butterfly she mentions in her writing.

2. Her bones aren’t as detailed as the Create-A-Monster Add-On skeleton. This really irks me. Maybe she is a sugar skeleton? In that case maybe she wouldn’t be as detailed as a real skeleton? I don’t know. That just doesn’t seem right, especially since her torso is so detailed. And because she is the daughter of skeletons, not candy people. I do like that her torso, thighs, and upper arms are bones and not just fleshy like the CAM skeleton had to make do with, but I do not like that the leg bones and lower arms don’t have spaces between the bones like they should. This just seems sloppy to me, especially when the CAM is already so detailed and they could very easily have made her the same. Also, the details on the feet don’t stand out as sharply on Skelita, and her hands are soft, almost rubbery. Again, the CAM is better done to my mind, as it is more realistic. The Create-A-Monster Add-On skeleton hands are hard plastic. Very stiff, like actual bones, and the detail on the feet are so beautiful and realistic that I don’t put shoes on her feet. Maybe I should stress how cool her torso is. IT IS SO COOL! The ribs are separated by spaces. That is yet another reason I can’t figure out why they did her lower legs and lower arms stupidly. WHY DID THEY DO THAT? AND WHY DIDN’T THEY USE HARDER PLASTIC? bleh. dumb. I also hate that unlike CAMs, the heads do not pop on and off. You have to hope you don’t break the piece holding it on. Heaven help you if you want to swap the heads on the regular dolls. I hate those stupid neck pieces, both on Monster High and on Barbie. These pieces limit head mobility and cause broken hearts when the heads get broken off. RETIRE THESE STUPID EASY-BREAK NECK/HEAD CONNECTOR PIECES ALREADY MATTEL! GAH!

Bonita Calcic the French-Cambodian and Skelita Calaveras the Mexican, new friends
Bonita Calcic the French-Cambodian and Skelita Calaveras the Mexican, new friends


doyoulikethistoo wordpress com Skeleton CAM Monster High Bonita Calcic and Skelita Calaveras body bone comparisons
Bare Bones

doyoulikethistoo wordpress com Monster High Skeleton CAM and Skelita Calaveras leg comparison
Leg bones comparison. The one on the left (Create-A-Monster skeleton) is better

doyoulikethistoo wordpress com Monster High Skeleton CAM and Skelita Calaveras fore arm comparison review
Arm bones comparison: CAM skeleton has realistic cool spaces, Skelita does not. Skelita’s fingers are flimsy and not as well defined either, although they had the decency to put the spaces in the hands.

doyoulikethistoo wordpress com Monster High Skelita Calaveras review torso ribs
Awesome hollow ribcage with spaces between the ribs, detailed vertebrae all the way to the head, even the fused bones in the pelvis are detailed.

doyoulikethistoo wordpress com Skelita Calaveras body torso back side Monster High review
L. H. O. Q.

I also think it would have been better and less disturbing if Skelita had a CAM-like head, so that her hair would be a removable wig. This is mostly psychological, but it nags at my mind that her hair is root. She is bones! She doesn’t have a actual scalp, you know, the part ABOVE the skull? Plus, I like the ability to swap out hair styles, but I know lots of people like rooted hair better (not me), so I guess I am just nit-picking about my ‘druthers. Again, I think her hairstyle is really beautiful and perfect for her character.

I would also have liked her sketchbook to be like the diaries: more personal content, more action. This is more like her goals and hopes. Not much writing, although the pictures were cool.

Should you buy this doll? Haven’t you learned to buy a basic of every doll because they become insanely desirable the exact moment they are nowhere to be found (or in approximately 3 weeks from now) by now? Even without the past experience of wanting all the dolls that are no longer available, Skelita is such a pretty doll and a very interesting-looking character. I also have a feeling that she will play a fairly good-sized role in the webisodes, especially because she is ethnic. So I would recommend you get her. Her cool torso alone is worth the buy, but she has a lovable face and a lovely, unique outfit. I wish they had done a couple things better or differently, but on the whole I am really impressed by Skelita. They obviously put a lot of thought into her design, and they really pulled off the effect they were trying to create very well. Rating:Β  4.6 Smileys (out of 5)Β  πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I just thought I would mention that a few people don’t like the painted-on stitches designs on the corners of her mouth. I personally think they work fine. But if they ruin the doll for you, a little acetone (nail polish remover, but it should be pure acetone) and a Q-Tip (or generic cotton swab even) will wipe them quickly and precisely away. Be careful and use good lighting if you decide to do that though.

I hope they put Skelita in the Monster High marching band. I speculate that she plays ocarina or percussion. Or trumpet.

But no, she’ll be into clothes like everyone else. humph.


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One thought on “Skelita Calaveras of Monster High Scaris Review

  1. I wish I had read your review earlier. I am using her body for a custom project and have broken the neck knob. 😦 Now I have had to drill a hole and insert a wire to hold the new doll’s head on. I agree with you on the bones. Like you, I also bought a Create A Monster skeleton girl first and after getting Skelita, was very disappointed with her forearms and lower legs. But I think I will use this to my advantage in the project I am working on. Another pet peeve is that they used two different colors of plastic, so I will have to paint one doll to make them uniform.

    Also, you’re right about hobbies. It would be great for the Monster High girls to have more to their lives than an interest in fashion. Over the summer, I re-watched “Jem and the Holograms,” which I grew up with as a girl in the 80’s. When comparing it to the Monster High webisodes and movies and the Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse show, Jem is so much more substantive. Her music was just as important to her as her clothes. And they even tried to teach kids something (literacy is important, say no to drugs, avoid downed power lines) even if it was a little preachy at times. The new fashion doll based shows are all style and no substance. But that makes me sound old. πŸ˜‰

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