Monster High Movie: Friday Night Frights Review

I watched the new (as of this writing) Monster High movie, Friday Night Frights. It did have some glaring problems like a few plot holes (for example, if Monster High and other schools have been doing Skulltimate Rollermaze for centuries, why haven’t other schools, who have surely lost at one time or another, fallen completely apart? When Monster High starts falling apart when their crest is taken, everyone seems surprised and can’t figure out what’s going on until Bloodgood tells them. You would think everyone would know about this already, that that is what happens because it has happened before. What did they do back then? And for that matter, Frankie refused, at the end to take the gargoyles’ school crest. Did she refuse to take the other competitors’ school crests (zombies, vampires, etc.) because it didn’t seem like it, it seemed like that was the first time anyone refused to accept a opponent’s crest. You could argue that the other’s were preliminary rounds, not the finals. But the gargoyles took the Monster High crest in their very first preliminary game. Does this confuse anyone else?) and story inconsistencies (particularly  when compared to the webisodes and diaries. Also, if she was destroyed during a game of Skulltimate Rollermaze, with all those people watching, would they really (even Bloodgood, who was Principal even all those years ago according to other sources of canon) just leave all her pieces on the track, to be forgotten and kicked around? They wouldn’t even pick her up and TRY to reassemble her, or at least gather her up and put her somewhere safe so she wouldn’t rust until someone competent enough to snap the pieces back together in a few minutes (like a high school-age zombie girl) could put her back together? They just considered her dead and left her body scattered everywhere? Souvenir hunters didn’t take any parts other than her balance module to make the trophy? REALLY? REALLY? Also bothered me: Why is it not considered cheating when Abbey uses her special freezing powers to give her team a advantage? Or when Lagoona swims part of the way to overtake the vampires? If that’s okay, why didn’t the gargoyles and/or vampires just fly across the finish line or use their wings to help themselves get ahead? Also, Operetta was rather obnoxious and over-the-top too, whereas in the webisodes she really isn’t) and the characters make some very poor decisions (if you have gone through all that trial and tribulation, for the sole reason of making sure your beloved school doesn’t fall apart around your ears and you don’t have to be split up from your friends and go to other schools, are you really, REALLY willing to risk EVERYTHING and waste all your hard work just to make your weakest player have a confidence boost at the very end? That is a incredibly stupid thing to do if you really want and NEED to win) and several things that could have been done better, in my opinion (why are the gargoyles so stereotypically stereotypical villains, like from a cheap-o 1980’s cartoon, complete with out-of-place East Coast accents? WHY? Also, the whole “Girls are just as good as boys” was rather heavy handed. As a little girl I never really felt a disparity until I watched shows that constantly brought the subject of disparity and “girl power” up. And besides that, why do girls and boys have to want to play together? Maybe they DON’T want to. That’s fine. Egad people. Shows about adventure with adversity that doesn’t come from a villain (and especially not a over-the-top villain) and does not include a moral (especially a ham-fisted, constantly re-iterated moral) are much more enjoyable than ones with a clear agenda and cheesy adversaries.)

Also, I flipping hate CGI with a flaming passion. My favorite Monster High movie, the only one I find truly enjoyable, remains Fright On!, for the writing and story, definitely, but mainly because the animation is cool, it looks like it could be hand-drawn, it is pleasing to the eye, is easy to watch, and has a style to it. The whole thing came across like someone really cared, and put their heart and soul into it. It doesn’t look like ugly, unnatural cheap crap someone slapped together on a computer to make a motion picture as quickly, cheaply, and unoriginally as possible with a semi-nonsensical story.

With all that said, was there anything I liked about the film?


I loved the part about Clawd saying it is his fault that they aren’t winning: “No, it’s not you, it’s me. I didn’t train you girls hard enough. Starting today, you’re going to be in the gym and on your skates for 6 hours a day every practice, 7 practices a day, 9 days a week! It’s not even mathematically possible! I call it…BEAST MODE.”

Draculaura quavers: “Will that work?”

“ha, NOoo!” Robecca puts her hands on her hips. “I tried to beat the boys by playing like them, but I wasn’t true to myself and look what happened to me. SOooo…if want to beat the boys, you gotta play like GIRLS!” *winks* (this is about 27 minutes into the movie)

I haven’t enjoyed a line like that since the clown Stubbs in DINOSAURS: We’re Back turned in his giant clam that opens to reveal the American flag held by a mermaid and her normal brother Richard: (scene starts at about 5:00)

I thought the ending was pretty clever, how they find the other team’s weakness and trick Toralei at her own game.

For all its faults, plot holes, and inconsistencies, it was still entertaining to a fair degree, although I think they definitely could have done better.

And even though, as I said, I have a impassioned disgust for CGI, I thought Robecca is actually quite beautiful in this movie (not to mention her character and accent is just delightful anyways). In fact, the scene where she wakes up reminded me of a similar situation in a movie that I really love:

doyoulikethistoo wordpress com Sleeping Beauty Aurora Robecca Steam Friday Night Frights Comparison Disney Monster High Wake Up Scene
Similar, am I right? I LOVE the way Princess Aurora looks right before she wakes up in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. She looks very exquisite. And When I saw Robecca, she looked so much like that, not to mention the circumstances are similar.


What did you think of the film? Comment below!


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