Girls-Explore Has Awsome Detailed Historical Girl Power Dolls That Are A Great Alternative To American Girl Dolls

I found out about these after a Google search I did after seeing the Babe Zaharias doll set in the gift shop display at the Babe Didrikson Zaharias Museum in Beaumont, Texas. These are so cool, so detailed, and such good value (you get a 100+ page biographical book, a 12 inch Barbie-sized doll with accurate features, a beautifully detailed outfit, a doll accessory, and a human-sized accessory that pertains to the woman the doll depicts, all for (as of this writing) only $25 to $30 U.S.A. including shipping, depending on the doll).

girls-explore com Amelia Earhart historical inspiration American doll
The first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean and the United States, Amelia Earhart is known for her tremendous achievements as a pilot. She was a pioneer of women’s rights, believing that women could do anything they set their minds to. The Amelia Earhart doll is dressed in exquisite detail in her pilot’s uniform, complete with a leather jacket and boots, pocket compass and flight helmet. The set includes a working compass you can wear around your neck, her biography, and a fun and educational activity pack
girls-explore com Babe Didrikson Zaharias historical inspiration American doll
Mildred “Babe” Didrikson Zaharias (Texan) was a all-around athlete who, when asked if there was anything she didn’t play, Famously (and ironically for this post) replied “Yeah, dolls.”
girls-explore com Bessie Coleman historical inspiration American doll
Bessie Coleman (Texan):
At age 29, Bessie Coleman was the first black woman to receive her pilot’s license and the first woman to receive an international pilot’s license. The doll comes dressed in her flight uniform designed by her when she got her license, a small “Pilot’s Log”, her 119 page biography, and a fun and educational activity pack.
girls-explore com Doctor Dot Richarson historical inspiration American doll
Dot Richardson, M.D., would not let prejudices against women stand in her way. She became an Olympic gold-medal shortstop in an era when people said, “Girls don’t play baseball.” When few women held the title “Doctor,” Dot became an orthopedic surgeon. The Dot Richardson doll is in her USA softball uniform complete with visor and cleats, and comes with her Louisville Slugger® bat and a soft ball, both with Dot’s signature, her 140 page biography, and a fun and educational activity pack.
girls-explore com Harriet Tubman Araminta Ross historical inspiration American doll
She couldn’t read or write. But she outwitted bounty hunters and sheriffs and led her family, relatives and others to their freedom. They called Harriet Tubman the “Moses of her People.” Harriet is dressed in a period outfit that she wore in one of the few photos taken of her. The set that comes with the doll includes her cape and a wearable pouch, which is similar to what she might have used on her trips to carry food, water, etc. her 118 page biography, and a fun and educational activity pack.
girls-explore com Mary Cassatt historical inspiration American doll
Mary Cassatt always wanted to be an artist. But to reach her goal, she had to overcome many barriers. At the time Mary lived, people frowned on girls from wealthy families having a career. After much travel, study, and hard work, she won over her parents and the critics. Today Mary Cassatt’s “impressionist” paintings hang in the most prestigious museums and collections throughout the world. The Mary Cassatt doll is dressed in a dress and bonnet similar to what she wore in one of her self portraits. She comes with a little basket that she might have carried food or art supplies in and a paint set and artist pad for you to use, along with her 104 page biography and a fun and educational activity pack.

I think these are fabulous. Not only are they a great concept, but they are so well done, down to the last detail. I also love that incredible women I have never even heard of before (but should have–shame on my history teachers) like Bessie Coleman and Dot Richardson are represented. I ordered myself a set. I think they are way cooler and more interesting (not to mention a better value!) than American Girl dolls.

What do you think? Do you like these too? Comment below!

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