DOLL TROUBLE By Helen V. Griffith, One Of The Best Live Doll Books Ever

Can I tell you a long story? It’s about a great book I loved as a child and only recently rediscovered. *deep breath* Here goes:

I found and read this book in a Albertson’s or Brookshire Brothers supermarket of all places around the year 1999. I read it while my mom shopped, she didn’t buy it for me and I never saw another copy.
It is about a girl who has a Barbie-equivalent (for obvious copyright reasons named something else) fashion doll that is alive and they do things together, possibly solve a mystery. The doll is very glamorous and a little conceited (but still nice). She had a glamorous name but I couldn’t remember it.
The girl got this doll because she swapped her own used fashion doll for the beautiful living doll at a resale shop (without the owner knowing it—the talking doll jokes that she was stolen). It turns out  the substituted doll had been bought for the friend by the friend’s grandmother and came in a deluxe pack with lots of clothes. The girl substituted her used doll instead. LATER she learned her doll was alive. At the very end of the book, they discover that the doll came alive because of a magic doll cloak woven with metallic threads. The doll’s earliest memory was waking up feeling horrible and itchy because of the metallic threads, and she was alone and frightened, so she always hated the cape. In the last chapter, the girl’s friend put the cape on their own fashion doll, and the book ends with the doll waking up and the girls excited to be able to have adventures together with their living dolls.



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